Emanuel Admassu

In the summer of 1968, nearly ten years after becoming the 49th US state, the landscape of Alaska drastically changed when oil was discovered in Prudhoe Bay. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) was later created. As a way to critique the regime of property and the colonization of Alaska, we explored various local mythologies. We considered the pipeline as a street that connects nodes of extractive infrastructure, our intervention occupies it. These modules are assembled along the pipeline and inhabited by the indigenous Alaskans. Over time, other materials are disassembled from the neighboring oil rigs for structural support. A channel that once transported oil now facilitates exchange. 

Michael Joseph Farris 


Michael Farris is a problem-solver who excels in the overlap between disciplines. His leadership and team-building experience has taught him that there is greater opportunity for growth when opposing beliefs, perspectives, and experiences unite. Ever since founding and hosting the first student-led podcast series, rizdeology, along with the first-ever fully funded TEDxRISD conference, Michael is a proven leader that knows how to solve and scale ideas.

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Through the ‘critique’ process, Michael has continually crafted narratives, showcased emotions, and created plausible stories, convincing audiences how and why his proposition is viable. Michael has various skills, including Adobe CC, Rhino, AutoCAD, Revit, 2D Drafting, Twin Motion, V-Ray, Gravity Sketch, Unity, Climate Studio, and Photosphere.